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Incompatibility check V1.0.0 (c) 2010 by JMB

Please input your data to the boxes below
Step 1) API: name
Step 2) API: properties
Step 3) Please select the formulation components from the box below. Using the CMD-key on a Mac or CTRL-key on a PC allows selection of multiple items

Step 4)


Change history
7.Jun.2011: Milestone Version 1.0 reached. Even allows countries (for filing) as properties; however, this is limited to use as property in the API definition 4.Oct.2010: Roadmap step 1 functionality established. 29.Sep.2010: This form created, basic CGI framework set up; no real functionality as of today

1: manual input of two components and their (single) properties. Test them against list of known incompatibilities
2: same, but with more than one property per component
3: more than two components (one API, freely editable, others pickable from list)
Milestone: Version 1.0 done
4: Make output more uer friendly 5: pick excipients/process/countries etc. from different lists
6: ability to pick API from database
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